How women at Fireball are defying the stereotypes?

It can be 12 hours as a Lady security guard or 24 hours as the COO of India’s one of the largest security service provider company. Fireball has all the examples of empowered women. Captain  Ravee (CEO Fireball ) have always appreciated the initiatives taken by women.
The best example of woman empowerment is his wife Mrs. Vibha Ravee who is the founder of initiatives like “VR Images” and “Aumtara”.She is an inspiration to many seeking the mental strength and support. With her dynamic personality, She is helping others in living positive and confident life.
Fireball has a large number of women employees at the various positions and in various departments. Whether it is Sales department, CRM department or Accounts, women are contributing highly in every field at the Fireball Company.

Here are some key roles played by Woman in Fireball. Ms. Priyanka Sehgal, Chief Operating Officer 

Ms. Priyanka is defying all the stereotypes of women not being capable of handling the difficu…

How to survive a riot?

Delhi NCR and Haryana is on High alert after Ram Rahim have got convicted in rape case. Being a Security Service company it is our duty to help you in staying secure from all the possible threats. Here are few tips on How to stay secure in a riot situation?

Prepare yourself
1- Get yourself familiar  with your locality.
2- Keep in mind the  possible escape routes and safe places while driving on road.
3-If your workplace is in the riot hit zone then better know all the escape routes in case of any attack by mob.
4-Keep small amount of cash to pay off looters, or address your basic needs.
Keep yourself calm
1- keep your head down and Avoid confrontation.
2- Walk not run if not necessary as  you might attract unwanted attention.
Don’t get yourself involved
If you’re caught in a riot, the last thing you want to do is try to take sides, help out, or stand out. In fact, you should avoid any attention while you move outside of the mob.
Keep close your loved ones .
If you’re travell…

The S.P.G. Commandos of PM Modi

This 15th August India will celebrate it’s 71st Independence Day. The Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi will Unfurl the Indian National flag over the red fort.
The security of PM Modi is a big challenge due to his extravagant love for his supporters . If we take reference from our past prime ministers, it’s a clear warning that going off guard is not a good idea.
However PM Modi never hesitate in taking such risks. So it’s all on the security guards to be prepared for the worst conditions.

Special Protection Group (SPG) was formed in  8 April 1985 after the assassination  of Indira Gandhi in 1884. At first SPG was formed and trained specially to provide protection to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, because of the threats he received from several sources. But, when he ceased to be Prime Minister the security was withdrawn. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the SPG Act was amended in 1991 to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immed…

12 years, Special moment and perfect farewell..

For 12 years Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma was a part of Fireball Securitas. He retired on 30th April 2017 after completing his term as a Security Guard.

 On the day of his retirement he was especially greeted by the Fireball Securitas CEO Captain Ravee and rewarded with the retirement amountand also lifetime monthly pension.
Fireball Securitas is a 19 years old company, started with only a few security guards such as Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma.

This is not the only example of employee welfare presented by Fireball. It is a part of their work culture to celebrate and reward the good work of employees.
Fireball Securitas presents the perfect example of achieving customer satisfaction with the equal focus on Employee welfare. The credit goes to the work culture that the company have adopted from the Indian Army.
Just like Indian Army fireball understands the role each person plays in the achievement of goals. The company pays special attention to the employee welfare so that t…

The bodyguard who saved Winston Churchill 20 times

His name was Walter Thompson, the bodyguard of Winston Churchill, who knew him better than himself. For almost 14 years (between 1921 to 1935) he served as a bodyguard of Winston Churchill.

A former police officer and detective Walter H. Thompson saved Winston Churchill 20 times. Together they rode with Lawrence of Arabia, dodged German assassins, were nearly shot down by enemy aircraft, lone gunmen, U-boats and IRA hitmen. They traveled thousands of miles on insecure journeys to meet Stalin, Roosevelt and other world leaders. Walter Thompson was born in a middle class family of Brixton in south London. He worked at different jobs before becoming a police officer. On his first assignment, he was assigned as the bodyguard of Churchill in 1921. He worked for him until his retirement in 1935. During this period of time with Churchill, Thompson traveled over 200,000 miles with him. He saved Churchill’s life for some 20 times on his own, including those times when Churchill’s own fault expo…

A Company with Army Ethics

In the current competitive business environment the business ethics are dying a slow & painful death. Businessmen these days can go to any extent for making profit. If not bind by the law they would have sucked the life out of humanity. There are various examples of bad business ethics. MNCs like McDonald’s, Nestle, Wal-Mart, City Bank have been seen breaking all business ethics for making more profit. In such a environment it is hard for people to put trust the companies. However there are still some companies not just following business ethics but also working for the betterment of society and the country. Army Ethics in BloodLate Shri. B.R. Magu (Retd. DIG BSF) started a company named Fireball Securitas, 19 years ago, now grown as a perfect example of a company with Army ethics, today the company is being run by his son Retd. Army Officer Capt. Ravee, with over 4000 employees and branches all over India.
Capt. Ravee CEO & MD has served for one of the most prestigious Regimen…

How to travel with a large amount of cash or other monetary items

If you are travelling with a large amount of cash, or other monetary instruments like traveler’s checks, money orders, and bearer bonds, you should take common sense steps to protect yourself from unwanted attention, but you should also be aware of what legal issues you may have to address. What you have to do will depend on what country you are in, or whether you are traveling internationally.

Protecting your money from theft or other losses üWhen you carry cash with you on an airline trip, you should take some very basic steps to keep from becoming a victim of theft, or from losing your money by accident üIf you have to take cash, keep it in a carryon bag. üNever put your cash, financial instruments, or precious metals in a checked bag. üKeep your cash and other valuables out of public view. üKeep your baggage and belongings in sight when passing through a security checkpoint. üDivide money in different places üFavor on-body storage üKeep small bills handy üCarry an anti-theft bag üTrim your w…